i like big books & i cannot lie

if you want to share books, be my friend here

must reads:

pretty baby / pretty girls / the nightingale / before i go / little big lies / the husband’s secret / the goldfinch / eleanor & park / beautiful ruins

books i’ve read recently that will be movies this year (so you gotta read the books first!!!) :

me before youtrailer soooo SOOO excited for this one

the girl on the train (IMDB) emily blunt is going to play the main character here so i am intrigued

allegiant trailer i’m a sucker for this series, i love it

the bfgtrailer are they freaking kidding me, SO excited! one of my favorite books from growing up // also a roald dahl book you just MUST read is tales of the unexpected


get discounted e-books emailed to you daily — highly recommend this, there are some good ones


gifts for book lovers:

floating book shelves

book totes here, here and here

kate spade book clutches / pride & prejudice /


hump day happenings

everything below make great valentine’s day options or great any day options :)

i probably need this

design some shoes for your lover & custom id the back – something cheesy like “love you” or something personal shared just between you two like “shuga tooth” (valentine’s day ideas here guys!)

mermaid tail blanket, um yes please!

carrie underwood has undeniably amazing legs, so i am starting this (today) #miniskirtready (i’m too old for miniskirts)

kate spade never stops creating, more favorite new items here, here, here and here

there are some great valentines day options over there at KS too… hint hint (wink wink) nudge nudge

what a gem t-shirt for you mini babe

havenly – online interior decorator (the coolest thing i’ve found on the web lately)

recent recipes: million dollar spaghetti / crock pot salsa verde chicken / crockpot turkey chili /garlic butter salmon in foil

current face products: moisturizer / peptide / rodan + fields eye cream (kay lile is my rep) / i also sometimes use the cerave eye cream

this hat for your bae :)

love this crepe dress from BR (on sale now!)

friendship elsa/anna necklace (duh)

valentine’s day ideas

pretty in pink mexican blanket

new pillowcase i just got for M :)



today you are three.

you want to be a superhero.

“I am super brave.

I am super strong.

I am super beautiful.

I am super speed (which means fast).

I am super pretty.

I am super smart.

I am super Madison!”

this is your mantra currently, you are obviously super confident as well :)

you are so strong willed you remind me of myself. that scares me, and excites me. small minds can’t comprehend big spirits.

as strong as you are, you are also gentle to the core. you love to cuddle as much as you love to play. when you hold my face in your hands and talk to me, i wonder how i ever got through my days without you.

you love marshmallows, mac & cheese and egg rolls. you sleep with 8 strategically placed stuffed animals in your bed every night. they have to be in the right spots before you can lay down. your favorite is oona. you love soccer and doing back flips off the couch. you love any form of art. most currently, spinner art. but you do not like paint on your hands. you’re like your dad in that way. you never like to get too messy. you love stickers & cooking in your kitchen. you make us “hot chocolate” almost every night. you want to help with everything. from taking out the trash to folding your clothes. “i can do that” is your most commonly used phrase closely followed by “what’s up, chicken butt?” you’ve told us you have a boyfriend at school, and you sometimes pick out your clothes depending on what he likes. this almost brings your daddy to tears. you like to sing, and create mashups of 2-3 songs together. you love to dress up & put on (fake) makeup. you always go to daddy afterward & ask him “how do i look?” to which he will always reply “beautiful.” for the rest of your life. you like to do everything that i do, and you told me i am your best friend. i wish with my whole heart you’d say that forever and i could keep you just as you are right now. in this moment, next to me, head on my lap. hand on my hand. skinned knees and messy hair.

but i know that’s not possible. and you’ll continue to grow. continue to test us. continue to do more and more for yourself. continue to become your own little person. and day by day need less and less from us. it’s a bittersweet transition we are entering together. learning when to hold your hand, and when to let go. and although i really want to be your best friend forever, i know that’s not my job. i’m your mom. and that’s a greater bond than any friendship you’ll ever have. because nothing can change it. nothing can make me love you any less. and no one will want the best for you more than me and your daddy.

and there will never be a happier day in our lives than your birthday.

i love you more than you will ever know, my little superhero. you are my heart.

happy birthday

wednesday wish list (valentines’ day edition)


vdaythrowback to 2015 (valentine photos sent to me remotely)

i won’t be with either of my valentine’s again this year. i will be freezing my “hiney butt” off in Toronto working the NBA All-Star game. but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream about fancy dinner on the town (i’ll probably be eating a hot dog on the run in actuality)

if you’re going on a fancy date night RTR has you covered, my favorite valentine date night dresses here, here, here & here

and gowns are on clearance 70% off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can someone please throw a black tie happy hour so i can buy one of these. i need this one (or this one… or this one)

and the zara sale is going on now…. it’s the best sale of the year in my opinion. this tote is only $39 (comes in black also) and is my new go-to for the winter / and this jacket (obsessed)

and all the little girls in your life need this shirt #fairytales

and probably these too here and here

valentine sparkle here, here, here and here (come on guys!)

for valentine’s night single / married :) (and these i just adore)

thoughtful gifts here, here, here and here

prints for your home about love – my favorites here, here and here

for your girlfrens!! here, here and here

cards here, here, here and here

and lastly dont’ forget to….



wednesday wish list

haven’t been keeping up with this enough lately! as madison would say “i will do my best” in 2016

been ramping up my side business lately taking lots of pictures — you can check out some recent work here

all mamas who want to keep baby books but always forget to write in them, this is for YOU

most adorable toddler/baby girl’s swimsuit here

winter activities are on my radar currently — soda tab gemstone necklaces —  snowflake painting — snow paint snowstorm in a bottle

and adjustable activity table as your kids grows!

made this crock pot salsa verde chicken last night, delish! (i added a little chipotle hot sauce to mine)

winter boots/shoes we  need here, here, here and here

leftover items on my gimme gimme list that i feel everyone will adore here, here, here and here

for your work life you need this metallic notebook

and this planner

beer cap map (duh)

DIY skateboard makeup shelf / and ladder shoe rack

affordable new bags here, here and here

yoga mat carrying bag (love)




party like a rock star

happy new year !!! i started out 2016 with a half naked dancing toddler & a case of pink eye. all madison kept saying was “after the new year it’ll be january” (her birthday), pretty sure she couldn’t wait for midnight

i  look forward to the gift of another year. to making memories with our little family & seeing what God has in store for us.  and as always i hope this prayer brings you meaning as it does to me every year around this time


the polar express

not only is it one of my favorite books but now it’s one of my favorite memories as well. yesterday we took the kids to ride the polar express, wear matching pjs, drink hot chocolate, eat cookies, see santa and ring a whole lotta bells. this video made the entire trip for me. and see the kids faces light up as we got to meet santa. they were so excited. madison wouldn’t let santa go, she is so precious. i couldn’t be more excited for Christmas with her this year. the magic that Christmas brings is like no other holiday. her happiness is absolutely everything. we are counting down the days!!

thank you to my mother in law & Aunt Patty for a wonderful day yesterday!

ps you can find our matching Christmas pjs (and a whole lot of others) at target / and elf slippers for mom & toddler



another #kentuckyfriedchristmas in the books! it was unseasonably warm (it was 60 degrees!) which lead to me sweating profusely through most of my sweaters on the trip, but was so nice for madison to be able to play outside. she wanted to be one of the boys immediately & learned a thing or two about the WWE, campfires, poker, and rolling down hills. she had no problem with this. we are certainly raising a tom boy but one who still loves pink & sparkles. basically, she’s me. she also is obsessed with marshmallows and wants them all day long. candy canes are making their way into daily requests as well lately. and because she was blessed with my unfortunate hair — please excuse our messy mops and bangs in our eyes. we can not help it. i am so grateful for this group of people who have shaped who i am today. without them i would be lost. and for the ability to do this every year & to all come together no questions asked (even just for a long weekend) i am forever thankful. it’s one of the only family traditions we really have and i don’t plan on ever letting it go. i pray for this good life we all lead to continue & that we can always share these moments together.

one down, two to go