#growoldnotup (part 2)

how awesome is it that madison gets to grow up knowing a great grandmother, and one that’s still kicking it for that matter!?! betty bette is still a mover & a shaker in town. she works 3 jobs & her own radio show (yes you read that correctly). she even has her own song. this weekend we had a big birthday party to celebrate her 80 years of life. she is another example of growing old but never ever UP, and i hope she always refuses to

it was also my nephew tyler’s 16th birthday! a double whammy and his “sweet” sixteen was another milestone i am so grateful we were able to be apart of. he’s part of the new albany varsity football team & an aspiring pilot – he also does a little beat boxing in his spare time “beat boxes don’t have mouths.” brian enjoys adding a little drum rhythm with him & night rider in the background. overall… it’s absolutely ridiculous!

it’s not often we get to spend birthdays together with everyone scattered across the country so this was such a wonderful weekend for me. i wish i could have woken up again today with all of them there. there’s no place in the world that feels like home quite like that. i’m also grateful brian & madison get to know the country – i think brian could get used to it, the crickets & the porch swings, he seemed hooked. only 12 more years :)

i also can’t stop staring at madison lately. i’m being that mom who pulls her in for a million hugs & kisses a day because i just simply can’t believe how big she is getting so fast. i savor bedtime when i get to hold her in my arms and kiss the top of her head. she smells like ice cream & wet grass. like summer. like endless fun. like the most wonderful thing in the world. i want to bottle it up. so i can remember it years from now when she’s all skinny jeans & perfume. i want to remember these skinned knees & messy faces. i want to remember wild hair & wet clothes & reckless abandon. i want to remember how she runs over & clings to me for no reason & tells me she loves me. i want to remember the look on her face when she accomplishes something & yells “i doing it mommy” / i don’t want to forget any of this. and so i stare and watch, and attempt to memorize. and my goal for the rest of the year is to simply let her be little more often. be a little less hard on her & a let her have a little more fun. because she won’t be like for this long. i am starting to realize that. and it makes me so sad to think she will ever be anything but this sweet, hilarious little baby of mine.

for sipping dranks on the porch (mens version here)

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sneakers i need for fall

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currently reading (and about to start this)


this weekend was the 8th birthday we have celebrated together … and although times have changed our friends sure haven’t. #growoldnotup has been the theme of the year & we are embracing all the changes in our life for the better. our relationship & our friendships have only grown stronger as we roll through more and more of life together. and i couldn’t be happier to have this guy by my side through each new step of life… he doesn’t look a day over 29 :)

thank you to friends & family who made it over saturday to celebrate, we love you all

and if you want to know the beers you tried… baby daddy session IPA, narragansett del’s shandyithaca apricot wheatsinglecut a life of ease juniper kolsch, troegs perpetual IPA, gnomegang blonde ale, sovereign crisp & dry cider, abita save our shoreleinenkugel’s summer shandy, smuttynose robust porter, crabbie’s ginger beer, victory saison du buff, abita purple haze

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madison learns to fist pump

derby derby-2 derby-3 derby-4 derby-5 derby-6 derby-7 derby-8 derby-9 derby-10 derby-11 derby-12 derby-13 derby-14 derby-15 derby-16 derby-17 derby-18 derby-19 derby-20 derby-21 derby-22 derby-23

MadisonsBeachDay-1MadisonsBeachDay-2MadisonsBeachDay-4MadisonsBeachDay-6MadisonsBeachDay-8MadisonsBeachDay-9MadisonsBeachDay-10MadisonsBeachDay-12MadisonsBeachDay-13MadisonsBeachDay-14MadisonsBeachDay-15MadisonsBeachDay-17derby-24 derby-25 derby-26 derby-27 derby-28

AT THE JERSEY SHORE!! Madison took her first trip down the shore this weekend to “Jackie’s Beach” as we will know call it from now on. the house is on the bay with a beautiful deck where we spent most of our time. we brought the blow up pool (this one is a great size for toddlers), set her up with some blow up flamingos thanks to Jackie and she was all set / I also want THIS pool for when we have a bigger back yard someday. highlights of the trip ** madison holding a sand crab that delia caught her ** playing a game of never ending war with jackie while drinking wine out of to go cups ** breakfast on the beach with my little squish ** getting madison out in the bay in a tube after a lot of protesting only to hear her afterward ask to go again and say “we’re not scared” (favorite life jacket for toddlers here) ** tried a new great beer ** watching madison splash & giggle the entire time was priceless. i’m glad she loves to be outdoors & to play. we certainly know how to play! and I am so grateful we have best friends who love our baby so much they let her come everywhere with us (and catch her sand crabs, and sit in kiddie pools, and let her splash them for hours) #lucky

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beach babes, independence & links

surfs up!

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beach baby

1.) surfs up beach towel 2.) slip on water shoe 3.) scallop trim straw hat  4.) child life vest 5.) flamingo swimsuit  6.) flamingo 2 pk swim towels  7.) babiators polarized sunglasses 8.) multistriped sun hat 9.) beach ball 10.) olive & izzy swimsuit 11.) kids adirondack chair & umbrella 

stars & stripes outfit on sale now here / glitter headband (similar here) / flower sandals (similar here) / purse

my soccer star + links!

as you can imagine i am pretty pumped to be a soccer mom now. i have been waiting for it, and hoping that she will like it and SHE DOES! she loves it, and she’s actually pretty good (all mom bias aside). she hasn’t completely figured out why someone would want to take the ball from her, probably b/c we tell her every day we need to SHAREEE, and she gets rather mad when it happens – but she’s starting to understand what defense means. she’s also tried her hand a goalie, and says “mommy i’m just like you” which makes my little heart melt into puddles.

derby derby-3 derby-4 derby-6 derby-7 derby-8 derby-9

and OMG my online shopping has suffered this month with being away for work and i have discovered so many new obsessions…

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derby-2 derby-3 derby-4 derby-5 derby-6 derby-7 derby-8 derby-9 derby-10 derby-11 derby-12 derby-13 derby-14 derby-15 derby-16 derby-18 derby-19 derby-20 derby-22 derby-23 derby-24 derby-25 derby-26

coming down from the NBA Finals has been tough. i ran on adrenaline for so long that i just simply can’t seem to get “un-tired” but what an experience it was. my co-workers have all been doing this for decades now so I was definitely their entertainment as every single thing we did, excited me. being apart of such a big event & working it.. seeing how the well oiled machine comes together to produce an event of that size, was amazing. not to mention how great the games were also. i am very glad to have been apart of it, and to say that I work for this organization. every day is something new, and having a job that i enjoy is something i haven’t had in a very long time. i guess ill get my mini-fix thursday for the Draft Thursday, and hopefully ease myself back into being behind a desk again. thank you to the warriors & the cavs & my all of my co-workers for hand holding me through my first #NBAfinals

PS get your own Golden State shirt here, here & here 

wahoo, so excited, it’s here, YESSSS

due to my imminent departure for the NBA Finals!!! i decided to launch my “other baby” today… so ONE15 is officially here!! (enter applause, whistling & cheering) i am so excited to announce i’ve officially launched my little graphic tee shop for tots & moms. the current designs are available in a variety of colors (and tank tops) + i have a few more designs to release this fall. the name is inspired by Madison, who lets be honest, inspires everything i do these days. she was born January 15th (ONE15). and this is something i’ve been wanting to do for so long – with the help & support of brian and my mini model madison and jackie (who has listened to ever single idea spewing out of my mouth for months, bless you friend), finallllllly it’s off the ground. now i just hope she can fly. please help me give her wings!! and follow us on instagram @one15clothing and facebook for more information, giveaways, discount codes & more.  to anyone who reposts any photos please tags us & use #one15clothing 

and for my wonderful readers, use code: mrstoes for free shipping for the month of june

for any collaborations, loops or giveaways please contact me at one15clothing@gmail.com

and a big thank you to everyone who’s been helping me along the way!!!! and to all my mini models xo

MDW recap, BBQing on a budget + links




IMG_0012 IMG_0027

for those who have given and those who continue to give, we honor you today & everyday

For all of those who put their lives on the line in defense of freedom, past and present, thank you for standing “The Watch.”

For all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, you are not forgotten

so thankful for everyone who has ever stood watch (most especially my brother) and those who continue to do so. i hope that we can honor you all in our every day lives by truly appreciating the freedoms that we are given in this country. i hope that we can continue to raise our flags high, and pray for each other. and i hope that in doing so we can also help the families of so many who have lost loved ones over the years. we are not in this alone.

and for BBQing on a budget… lately we have been total ikea whores. i mean absolutely everything comes from that little swedish warehouse in red hook. we have become slightly obsessed. brian can’t even go on the website anymore without allocating thousands of dollars we need to spend on various items. but for inexpensive patio sets we got this one, and we love it! everything is mix & match, it’s the perfect size for a not so huge backyard & has extenders for when you need more space. the umbrella is also from there, and in my favorite color, duh.

plates & bowls are from the sommar collection & this watermelon tray 

adorable ice pop maker + for the ice pops (slice strawberries, add non fat greek yogurt, a dash of water & a dash of honey… blend… pour… freeze… delicious!)

also an adorable pink ice cream maker here (and a not pink one here)

our grill we found at home depot & it’s a brinkman, we have been very happy with it so far! it’s affordable too!

also if you’re grilling and not using THIS, you’re doing it all wrong

my dad also introduced us to sportula and brian probably needs this for father’s day (brian… don’t look)

this apron is also totally outrageous, so i like it

favorite drink dispensers here, here & here

in ours was a sweet tea lemonade (1/3 sweet tea, 1/3 lemonade 1/3 sweet tea vodka – firefly preferably) and a favorite drink of the Spaniards, tinto de verano (1/2 spanish red wine, we used tempranillo + pellegrino lemonata)

personalized beverage tub here (and 25% off today with code PCPLA25) other favorites here and here / and for parties these plastic tubs are inexpensive & great! (bigger version here)

also a super cute summer shirt for your little here and here :)