the embarrassing mom


this weekend we spent a lot of time outside! spring has sprung so everyone is saying. I couldn’t help myself but look around at all the moms and babies and people swinging from the trees with delight at the warm weather & think, I am a hip mom. I’m cool. I’m with it. I thought this to myself as my finger was knuckle deep in Madison’s nose picking boogers for her, and then it hit me. OH MY GAWD, I am already the embarrassing mom!!!! and she’s only one year old. I have already fallen into this category. I quickly checked the length of my shorts to make sure that they were indeed above the knee. i also quickly checked to make sure lipstick didn’t stain my teeth. phew. at least those two things are going for me. but yes (insert sigh here) i am already the embarrassing mom. i even found myself licking my finger & wiping food, grime & other random objects off her face, which triggered many memories of my own mother doing this and me pushing her away from me as hard as i could. she was like a mama cat always trying to groom me, and here i am. just draw some whiskers on me. meow. sniffing her butt at any & all random times, picking her nose, licking her face, picking in her ears, biting & filing her nails that grow back every single day (yes i said biting… don’t judge), posting pictures of her in her birthday suit, picking lint & corn out of her belly button… the list goes on. if my hem lines keep dropping, and if i ever start shopping for shoes at aerosoles, please stop me.

in the spirit of trying to stay forever young & not TOO embarrassing, I’ve compiled a list of mommy appropriate but cute “playground” shoes. now go out and PLAY!


playground shoes


H&M Home

How it the sweet loving world did I just found out that H&M has a HOME SECTION!?!? It seems to good to be true, and yet, here it is! Vibrant colors. Creative room ideas. Low prices. Swoon. My debit card is hot (earmuffs Brian) as these new items will be flooding into our apartment soon. We might not be able to sit on our couch anymore due to my throw pillow obsession // #pillowmonster // it’s more a sickness really. i got the fever!

Go take a look for yourself.


Throw Pillows

H&M Pillows



Kitchen Ideas




Bathroom Ideas



Kids Room

Kids Room


Kids Room by mrstoes featuring H&M

beyond measure

so i value stay at home moms, i think they are brave & strong & crazy & downright wonderful. this post is not meant to devalue them but THIS post is about working moms. this post is about those moms who only got 6-12 weeks at home with their little one (never enough). who had to recover in various ways. healing themselves while still being there every second for that newborn. who had to learn to breast feed & pump & nurture in such a short time. who had to then pass their child on to a nanny or a daycare. who has to hear about what their child learned & what games they played from someone else. who doesn’t get to witness all their firsts, and who should. who has to sit in conference rooms & on bathroom floors & in storage closets to pump milk at work for their child at home. who has to deal with leaking breasts & tired eyes in meetings & with co-workers. those moms who have to lug around all the equipment and coolers to & from the office everyday. who have to avert darting eyes when they slip away every few hours. the moms who then rush out of work on time to go pick up their child, get them home and bathed & fed and still make time for stories & playtime & giggles. the moms who live for the weekend when they get to spend 48 glorious hours with their child. 48 of 168. THIS post is to tell THOSE moms that you’re awesome. i think we are. sometimes i am bewildered about how much time i used to have. if you’re a working mama, you know this face…


& you hate it. you know how hard it is to say goodbye every morning. how you are late to work sometimes because you just want to get in one last fishy kiss, one last cuddle, one last hug. & you hate this sad face. it makes every single day that much harder. because you want to be on the other side of that door. so moms like me, who don’t have the privilege of being home every day, i say cheers to you. to us. for working full time & still make every single waking hour we aren’t working about our children. because as much as i hate this face, it also means i am doing something right. how lucky am i to have something that makes saying goodbye to so hard? how lucky am i that she doesn’t want me to go? how lucky am i that she loves me that much? … beyond measure

best books for your little

my mom was always a big believer in reading. she read to me constantly & i used to be able to repeat entire books just from memory before i truly understood how to put words together & read. it helped expand my little vocabulary & i am passing on this belief to madison that reading to her constantly will help her learn. that being the case, we have developed an intense library. some purchased by me but mostly from friends & family from near & far. for madison’s baby shower instead of cards all our guests brought books with notes written inside. and can you believe we didn’t get the same book twice?! that’s how many wonderful books there are out there for children. classics and modern alike. i wanted to share our favorites. i recommend these to all new mamas to read to their little.



baby/toddler books


who knew pasta could be so fun

a lot of my girlfriends said they dreaded the start of solids & the MESS that they create. although the last 6 months have sometimes been frustrating & require a lot of cleanup, i’m not sure how anybody could not enjoy the following… it was arguably the most fun dinner we have ever had. even gus was engaged (i saw him waddling around with pasta stuck to his back as i carried the dirty girl to the bathtub…) times like this make up for the fact that half the time i slave over making her healthy & delicious food she proceeds to throw it onto the floor immediately, telling me “no no no” // you can’t win them all! but sketty night is always a YES YES YES

ps – yay for learning to use a fork (even if she prefers it by the handful)


bowl & fork by oxo tot


the past week of being unplugged at first gave me more anxiety than it did peace. for the first 48 hours i kept clicking into my facebook & my instagram on my apps then immediately tapping the circle button like a mad woman on my phone. i hadn’t realized how engrained these were into my day to day life. they were just instincts. & the more i realized it the more it became apparent that it simply can’t be a good thing. we are all so obsessed with our phones these days that they are taking away from actual human interaction. my husband & i sit on the couch together both on our phones rather than actually talking to one another. i miss the conversations we used to have when we had flip phones. when our phones were just a way to get a hold of each other when we weren’t together. now they have become an integral part of our lives & it’s sad. brian has even slept with his. he picks it up no matter where he goes & i am at fault for the same. like i said it has become an almost automatic response. but i truly hope that from now on i can be more aware. that if i am checking status updates & instagrams & tweets it is when i’m not sitting on the couch with my husband, wasting the precious time that we don’t often get together. or when i am out to dinner with a good friend catching up. or worst of all, when my daughter wants to play with me. i hope that i don’t let it intrude on my life. into moments with people that i can’t get back. or let it take over. i know that i won’t ever give it up cold turkey. & to be honest i don’t want to, even after these revelations, but i do really hope that i can be more aware & that the people around me can to. there is honestly nothing worse than talking to someone & they take out there phone & look away from you. people underestimate the importance of eye contact & good conversation. it’s rare to have someone’s full attention. i want to give it. & i plan on being as hands free as possible when in the midst of my friends & family.

during this lenten season + beyond, please help me to be present, truly present, in the lives of the people around me

mardi gras 222

mardi gras 2014mardi gras 222-3


st. paddy’s day style for your little

slainte! our irish family loves st. patricks day. this isn’t a shocker i’m sure. brian & i even visited Ireland a few years ago & i feel like we left a part of ourselves there. it’s a magical country, minus the food… i think the cooks must always be in the sauce. forgetting ingredients is my guess. & although our typical st paddy’s celebration around here has been slightly tamed now as parents, we still enjoy a cold green beer (or two) at the pier with the emerald society, listening to shilelagh law, wearing green & pinching anyone who doesn’t. we will pass along this irish tradition to our daughter (she can have green milk). & here are some of my favorite st. paddy’s day styles for your little.

for your little miss

St. Patty's Day for your little miss

for your little mister

St. Patty's Day for your little mister