18 months / half birthday

parkpark-7park-5park-2last night while sitting on the couch brian looked over & said that he couldn’t believe how fast Madison became a little person. not a baby anymore, but an opinionated, fully functioning, hilarious, tiny human being. everyone always told us it would go fast, and there were days when I WISHED it would, but you really don’t realize it until it happens. at 18 months baby girl, you have become a mimicker. copying everything that we do. if we yawn, cough or sneeze, you will do the same. you saw me & your grandma chewing gum & began to make that motion as well. watching you learn is as amazing as it is hilarious. it’s almost as if I can see the tiny wheels of your brain processing. you are a lover of applesauce, karaoke, dancing, baby dolls, pizza & being tickled. you also love the bath & never want to get out. you don’t mind wet hair & pruny skin as long as you get bubbles & to splash. you are outgrowing your carrier so fast, and I am missing carrying you around pressed to me as often as I used to. you love to wear hats, but not hair bows. you play beep beep on everyone’s nose & you give high fives to strangers. you have also started your terrible twos a little early & your tantrums are escalating lately. you hate the word “no” and love the word “mine.” we are trying to teach you to share, but you are reluctant to participate in our enthusiasm. you do not like pink ombre rainbow cakes that mommy & grandma slaved over 3 hours to make (in fact it makes you cry when you see them/ 1st birthday cake smash trauma I assume ) but you love ice cream. you are a wonderful sleeper, usually 9-9. your daddy & I thank you for that. you are 25 pounds and wear a size 4 shoe. little foot. I love your giggle & your determination. you are everything. happy 1/2 birthday sweet pea (sorry I am a little late)

1-2 birthday

monday in micro fashion // riley clay designs & sweet lucy jack GIVEAWAY

HOOOORAY for grandparents!! that’s how I feel right now. Madison was lucky enough to get to spend a very full weekend with my parents showing them her city. I think she wore them out but in a very good way. seeing them together makes me happy. and also sad that they can’t see each other more often. it really makes you cherish every little moment. every smile she sends their way & every hug they get to have from her. I am so grateful that we are blessed enough to be able to travel as often as we do to see the people that we love.

& I am also excited to offer a giveaway today including two of my favorite shops! we love to shop small & we love unique one of a kind items. visit my instagram for a chance to win an embrace messy hair tank + a pair of any baby or toddler shorts from sweet lucy jack! my little tomboy clearly shows that this outfit can be gender neutral :) beach-46beach-48beach-49beach-51beach-6beach-7beach-10beach-12beach-17beach-22beach-27beach-36beach-38beach-39beach-29beach-40

monday in micro fashion / sweet lola kids swimwear

happy Monday!!! it’s so hard to be back at work after a long weekend. it’s brutal. but I wanted to introduce you to sweet lola kids swimwear. friends for a decade, Sweet Lola is the creation between Jennifer and Melissa. They wanted to start a clothing line that would be able to give back to underprivileged children around the world. in 2010 their dream came true. Proceeds are donated to children advocate organizations for every item sold. so you can feel good about shopping their items (as if you needed another reason to shop)!!! plus the swimwear is adorable. happy shopping!


happy birthday ‘merica

it’s official, madison is becoming a little girl. she’s not a baby anymore. she’s gotten so big. part of me can’t handle it. part of me adores it. i am constantly on an emotional roller coaster watching her grow. but she gives me love everyday. even more so now that she can express it. her hugs & kisses can make anything better. she’s even starting to say i love you mama which just makes my heart burst. knowing that i was put on this earth to be her protector & her companion fills me with so much purpose. i would do anything for her. & i am also so grateful we are able to give her a good life. that we are blessed enough & living in a country great enough that she can dream & accomplish & be anything she wants to be. Madison will grow up knowing this, and she will be proud & appreciative of all the soldiers who have given her these opportunities, like her uncle. she will respect them. and she will honor them. and she will have a thankful heart. if there is one thing i know for sure we will bring her up understanding, it is this.

so this 4th of july while you are enjoying your perfectly crafted red, white & blue outfit, your bbqs, your beers with friends, your beach days, your time off from work with family… take a minute & think of all the men & women who fought & are still fighting for our freedom. take a minute to say a prayer for them & their families. & to be thankful. take a minute to thank a veteran & take a minute to visit one of these sites. hopefully you can find it in your heart to volunteer your time or your money to helping our veterans: The Boot Campaign, The Wounded Warrior Project, The Lone Survivor Foundation.

happy birthday America !!

‘anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing. moderation is for cowards’ – lone survivor

round 2round 2-3round 2-7round 2-5round 2-10


miss America onesie / star shorts / boardwalk sandals (on sale now) / gold crown headband (h&m old, similar here)

monday in micro fashion / jcrew baby + mommy & me style + first hair cut

we finally got rid of the mullet!!! la dee da! madison had her first haircut. she was too petrified to move the entire time which ended up being a good thing because she was so still. she sat in my lap & ate fruit snacks (her favorite bribe besides jelly beans) and was a very good little subject. there were no tears, which i was grateful for. i was very nervous about that. nobody likes to be the mom with the screaming baby. and now she has a very 1920′s flapper bob with bangs to match. shes’ really channeling twiggy right now.

and to show off her new do, we took some photos around the neighborhood. and i realize that i am clearly not introducing anyone to jcrew, and if i am…get off the internet immediately & please go outside & explore the world you live in. however, not all of you might realize that jcrew now does BABY! and i am obsessssssed. the prints are adorable & the material is that super soft cotton that we have come to know and love jcrew for. there is even baby cashmere for the chicest of littles, an amazing swim collection featuring a collaboration with rickshaw designs & a shoe line featuring collaborations with salt water sandals & sperry. i really can’t get enough y’all (even though my wallet disagrees). some of my favorite items are also listed below. happy monday & happy shopping.

jcrew-3jcrew-6jcrew-10jcrew-12jcrew-16jcrew-17jcrew-19kisses one-piece / denim shorts / gold boardwalk sandals / gold glitter hair bow

kisses t-shirt (similar here) / green pleated shorts / birkenstocks

beach babes

summer with a toddler is a lot of fun AND a lot of work!! madison is in full on exploration mode. when we are out she wants nothing to do with a stroller or being held. all i hear is ‘down down down’ from her. and so we oblige, which has led to many moments of falling down, skinned knees, being knocked over & verrrrrry slow walks home, because she has to stop & say hello to everyone & touch every single thing she sees (while also trying to eat every piece of trash we pass). and there is a LOT of trash on the nyc sidewalks. but you live & you learn. nothing makes me happier than seeing her explore. even if I have to swat a million things out of her hands & carry around a box of bandaids in my back pocket. summer with a toddler so far is the BEST! (ps somebody likes fried oreos)

& for escaping the city streets to boardwalks & ocean fronts, here are some of my favorite items for little beach babes this summer. we also couldn’t live without this sunscreen  (on sale now) & we are dying for all of these beach bags!!

beach bum

neon hair bows / like a boss tank / baby rickshaw designs sun hat /ruffled tankini / make them boys go loco tank (also have make them girls go loco tank) / salt water sandals for jcrew / waves & babes tank / sun onesie / pineapple bloomers / fresh prince tank / little miss sunshine tank / towel poncho / ruffled rash guard bikini

4th of July Inspiration

stars. stripes. red, white & blue. fireworks. BBQ’s. whoop de doo! (y’all didn’t know i was poet, did you?!) here is some inspiration for your little & you for the upcoming holiday. & for more DIY & 4th of July recipes check out my pinterest page. I can’t wait to bbq & maybe get out to the beach & of course show Madison some fireworks! I hope she can 1) stay awake and 2) doesn’t cry… wishful thinking?! probably

4th of July baby
star headband / star shorties / red, white & blue bloomers (on sale now) / romper (currently 20% off, code: SAVE) / American heart tee / ‘merica y’all tank / silver glitter star tee / red swimsuit / American flag mocs / glitter fireworks onesie / denim star shorts (on sale now)
4th of July style

navy striped dress  / American flag scarf / star studs / blue jumpsuit / graphic tanks / navy lace shorts / slip on sneakers / Birkenstock gizeh sandals / blue jade teardrop earrings

take me out to the ball game / jennifer ann

in the past, a 8-0 yankee lost would have left us leaving the stadium angry & lets be honest… a little bit tipsy. but yesterday we still left with big smiles on our faces. WHY? take a look below… proof again that your kids can make any day better. honestly this little girl makes my whole world better. & these poor precious skinned knees are from lots of fun in a concrete jungle. new york city is her playground. & I have a feeling there is a toy boy growing in there, probably just like her mother.

but she’s at least wearing her pink yankee jersey that was a gift to us when she was born from a good friend. we are so excited it finally fits her. & her shorties are a custom made project by jennifer ann. aren’ t they adorable?! her expertise is in making personalized baby items (mostly with names) but she can put just about anything you want on there, like she did for us! see some of our other favorites from her below, and definitely go check out her shop (and her blog)!! you won’t be disappointed.

go Yankees


pink yankee jersey / take me out to the ball game shorts / salt water sandals / pink neon hair bow

other Jennifer ann FAVES!

tgif / st antonio festival

this little girl loves summer nights. i am grateful for the warmer weather & long daylight hours so we can do these things together. rushing home to see her has become part of daily life. friday nights have most certainly changed… for the better


tutu gap (old) similar here / boardwalk sandals / polka dot tank gap (old) similar here / flower fedora

monday in micro fashion // mamacase prints

like mother like daughter…

& I am excited today to be hosting a giveaway for a “say queso” t-shirt & neon bow hair clip over on my instgram from two of our favorite shops! mamacase prints makes the softest, sweetest graphic tees. i have had my eye on this say queso shirt for quite sometime. & for my texas friends, check out the y’all tank for summer. & neon for the summer?! YES PLEEEASE, charlie coco’s has the best bows, neon & otherwise. with Madison’s sweet mullet (bless her heart) we need lots of hair bows to distract. she’s actually going to get her first haircut this weekend too, stay tuned for those photos because I can assure you’re they’re going to be amazing when she starts freaking out. happy Monday y’all!

say queso-15say queso-14say queso-13say queso-9say queso-10say queso-6

say queso shirt / white shorts / boardwalk sandals / neon hair bow / wooden camera


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